Frequently Asked Questions

Life Coaches are responsible for guiding people that are confused on what to do in their lives. Coaches help empower their clients by supporting goal-setting, personal growth, and modification of their behavior. Coaches partner with their clients to help them achieve their goals and overcome obstacles. Life coaching is based on the principle that each person has the innate ability to take set and achieve goals and take control of their future plans.

Any one who is interested in making positive changes to their life! Athletes don’t hit the field without the guidance of a coach, why should people navigate life on their own? If you are ready to create a life of excellence then hiring a life coach is a great option for you.

Coaching is NOT a type of therapy. Life coaches view clients as whole and already equipped with the tools they need to make change. They focus on the present and future rather than the past and aim to motivate, empower, and create confidence in their clients in order to create a new avenue for achieving goals. Therapy, on the other-hand, often focuses on past issues or traumas and seeks to find connections between past and present, while bringing about healing and emotional resolutions to negative experiences. 

There are different accreditation pathways to becoming a certified life coach. Not every life coach has a certification and it is not required but the education includes many hours of training and experience which is beneficial to clients.

Life coaches partner with individuals and helps support the client in achieving his or her own results or outcomes. Coaches help the client to build confidence and builds upon their strengths to promote positive growth and change. This process usually occurs over an extended period of time with long-term results as the focus and requires commitment from the client to implement solutions.

Consultants generally work with more than one person, often groups, teams, boards or departments. Their process is problem focused – used to identify and correct a problem or weakness. Consultants are regarded as experts in a specific field who will provide the solution and is not generally involved in the process of behavior modification or interpersonal dynamics. Time with consultants is often limited, usually used for  short-term or project-oriented goals and they require limited commitment from the client to implement solutions.

Absolutely. Men and women alike both benefit from having a coach to help them see and reach their potential. 

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― Roy T. Bennett

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