High Paying US Jobs – 2019

HIGH PAYING US Jobs – 2019 

Are you looking for a high-paying job? Then you might possibly consider the healthcare field. You may be surprised to learn though, that it’s not only the doctors bringing in the big bucks. Move away from the hospital, and you’ll find high-paying positions spread across fancy office suites, behind computer screens, and also up in the air. Of course, there are many factors that are involved in choosing the best job for you, and based on your needs at the time job satisfaction might be of greater significance than the paycheck. These are some of the high-paying jobs that made the top of the U.S. list during 2019.


A number of various specializations will be included in this category. For example, anesthesiologists, surgeons, obstetricians and gynecologists on average will take home on average $266,000.00 to $235,000.00 with anesthesiologists leading the pack followed by surgeons. Another category of physicians that are not far off from this first group includes family practice doctors and general practitioners (GPs), internists, pediatricians, and the like. They all take home about $200,000.00 per year, or slightly higher. 


The study of dentistry is an area that requires extensive time at University and as a result Dentists are also among the highest-paid people in the United States. Orthodontists and oral surgeons earn on average $243,000.00 and $230,000.00 per year respectively while regular dentists who normally deal with more routine procedures such as cleaning teeth and filling cavities earn an average of $188,000.00 per year. 

Chief Executive Officers

Although not all CEO’s earn huge salaries that make news headlines, this is no indication that they as a group are not doing well. Generally their take-home is $196,960.00 per annum. U.S. states topping the list are South Dakota, Washington, D.C., Rhode Island, Texas, and New Jersey.

Nurse Anesthetists

The healthcare sector continues to be a lucrative one. There is always a need for registered nurses (RNs). Nurse anesthetists are highly paid RNs with specialized postgraduate education earning an average of $169,000.00 annually. A thirty-one percent (31%) increase for anesthetists and other specialized nurses is anticipated by the year 2026. This job category is a good option for nurses in search of a high-paying career.

Airline Pilots

This category includes co-pilots and flight engineers who are responsible for navigation while the plane is in flight. They land a salary of $161,280.00 per year on average and may not include perks and other benefits that are attached to the airline industry. Their salary is no surprise given the mammoth responsibility they have to ensure passengers safety in the air.

Petroleum Engineers

The energy and energy related industries tend to extract healthy earning annually. Petroleum engineers, who devise ways to extract oil and gas from beneath the earth, lead the pack with an average salary of almost $155,000.00 per annum. Although growth in this field is dependent on the worldwide demand for oil and gas which fluctuates based on varying factors, the number of jobs available in this sector is projected to increase by fifteen percent (15%) within the next few years.

IT Managers

Software developers’ maybe trending news headlines very often, but the high-paying jobs in this field usually lean on the side of management. Job titles like management information systems director, computing services director, information systems director or supervisor, information technology manager, or technical services manager are the jobs in this niche where the average salary is just shy of $150,000.00 annually. These types of jobs may also offer some level of flexibility allowing persons to work and even manage remotely. 


A podiatrist is a doctor trained to diagnose and treat conditions affecting the foot, ankle and any other associated structure of the leg. Although podiatrists are doctors, most of them don’t attend medical school to study for a Medical Degree (MD). However, upon completion of their program of study they generally achieve the level Doctor of Podiatric Medicine or DPM degree. No matter our occupation or position in life most people spend a lot of time using their feet. As a consequence people are unlikely to stop having issues with their feet and at some point in their lives may be in need of diagnosis or treatment. This fact indicates that job growth in this area is promising with podiatrists earning an average of $148,470.00 per year.


Managers or Team Leaders as some may be called are given great responsibility to ensure that the task or the object of the organization or project they oversee is met on time and within budget. Therefore, managers in most fields are expected to be well compensated given the level of responsibility and accountability that is associated with most managerial positions. However, architectural and engineering managers lead the pack with an average annual salary of $146,290. Close to this group are those managers found in the financial and marketing sectors earning over $145,620.00 on an annual basis.  Sales managers take home an estimated $140,600.00 while managers in the field of natural sciences make $136,150.00 for jobs such as director of fisheries, laboratory manager, director of research and development, senior investigator and the like.


As people become ever more conscious of their rights, lawsuits and litigations will continue to be the order of the day in their pursuit of justice. With this growing trend the future prospects for work in this field appears to be very promising. On average a lawyer will earn $141,890.00 which is the middle of a very extensive pay range. However, there are attorney’s working in the private sector for large corporations and they take home in excess of $141,890.00 on a yearly basis. On the other hand though lawyers employed by the government as public defenders or district attorneys may earn considerably less than their counterparts in the private sector. There is also the socially conscious attorneys and they often put in many hours of pro bono work for which they do not receive remunerations. The course of study required to become a lawyer requires three arduous years in law school and passing the bar in the state in which they want to practice.

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