Why Choose Sustainable Clothing?

Choosing sustainable clothing is good for the environment

Sustainable clothing is one more way that you can care for the environment. The clothing industry is one of the worst polluters. Just stop for a moment and think about all the things needed to make clothing. Many carbon dioxide breathing forests may be cleared to make way for the fields in which the materials such as cotton is grown. To grow the materials you need lots of water. Industries also use many polluting pesticides and insecticides. And all of this is just to make the clothes.

During the production phase, clothes are designed to follow trends and fads that don’t last. Consumers are then less likely to keep wearing last years fashion. They are also made at such low quality that the clothes only last as long as the fads. Then the clothes take up huge volumes of space in landfill sites once the clothes are discarded and the process starts all over again. What’s different with sustainable clothing?

Reduces pollutants

Sustainable clothing is made from organically grown natural materials such as cotton or hemp. Because the materials are organically grown their production doesn’t pollute the water ways with pesticides and herbicides. So these nasty chemical do not get into the food chain when producing sustainable clothing. Dyes are also heavy pollutants. Choosing sustainable clothing, which lasts longer than normal clothes reduces production thereby reducing the use of dyes.

Quality not quantity

Sustainable clothing is made to last. It is produced at a higher quality that will stay in your wardrobe for longer. Instead of focusing on trends, the designs are focused on making timeless pieces that you will want to wear season after season. When buying your clothes, think about designs that reflect you and not the trends that fashion designers want you to wear. Then you will feel comfortable wearing the same classic piece time and again. These tips can help you do your part in reducing the production and disposal of clothing. It has the added advantage of saving you money too.

Fair trade production

Fashion industries have managed to bring clothing prices down. But at who’s expense? Many workers are required to work in difficult conditions and have little workers rights. For example many work long hours and receive a small wage with no sick pay. Those who make sustainable clothing guarantee fair trade. This means that the workers receive a fair wage and are able to work in humane conditions. 

Switch from high street to higher quality

Thankfully there are companies out there that offer sustainable clothing that can help you to save the environment. These companies are devoted to providing you good looking sustainable clothing. What’s more they can deliver right to your door. So try making the switch. Buying sustainable clothing over popular fashion will reduce your footprint on the world’s resources, you will look better and you can wear your clothes in good conscience that those who made the clothes did so in a safe environment.