5 Tips That Can Make You Lose 90Lbs In 6 Months!

    We all know how painful it can be to lose weight, we all had nights where we would just lie in bed, completely mortified at how the pounds just wouldn’t drop no matter what we did. The painful realization that all of your suffering is meaningless on the next day when the weight scale showed the same number – or even worse – a bigger number on the screen just added fuel to the fire. That’s where one has to take a long and hard look at himself and his dieting habits. Realizing your mishaps will help you lose your excess weight and with that in mind, we’ve decided to share these five tips with you as it’s best to learn from the mistakes of others, not to mention a lot less painful.

1) Lay Down The Soda, Seriously

    Many people consider soda to be a drink akin to water. That is a grave mistake because there is one crucial difference: Soda makes you thirstier, water satiates your thirst.

    It’s quite simple, soda contains sugar and other additives which potentiate your thirst, making you drink more and more in order to satiate your thirst. What ends up happening is you being left with an empty can of soda and a stomach ache at worst. The funniest thing in this entire ruckus? You’re still thirsty and the hole (craving) in your stomach just doesn’t seem to be closing. So you end up drinking more and more achieving absolutely nothing but stuffing yourself with heaps of empty calories…

The same goes for alcohol and other soft drinks.

   Basically, anything that isn’t water will not help you feel any better when you’re thirsty. On the contrary, as we have seen, it will potentiate that feeling and create a situation in which there’s only one loser – You.

2) Little To No Exercise Is More Than Enough

  If we could describe weight loss in one sentence, it would be: ”99% diet, 1% exercise!”

If you have ever paid attention to how long it takes for our body to burn just 500 calories, you would soon realize that unless you’re a professional athlete, exercise is not going to help you out much in your weight loss journey. For those curious, it takes about forty minutes of intense running to burn 500 calories. Not an easy feat!

  What’s more, after exercising, you often feel like rewarding yourself with a treat. Not only that, but you’re also hungrier than you have been before, exactly because you’ve been burning calories.

This creates a serious double whammy which oftentimes lead to overconsumption and overeating.

We’re obviously not denying the enormous health benefits of exercising, but if your sole goal is to lose weight, we would keep it to a minimum, maybe keeping it down to taking some walks in the nature or strolling around the neighborhood.

  In essence, nobody is preventing you from exercising but it’s a lot more logical to focus on your eating habits as they are the focal point of every weight loss journey!

3) Get Rid of Your Weight Scale – It’s Only Making You Miserable

    This tip might be a bit controversial but it makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Weighing yourself every day or even every week can really dampen your mood, especially if the results aren’t what you expect them to be. Although weight loss once again boils down to calories in – calories out, stuff like water retention can influence how your weight fluctuates during the day and night. That means that it is possible for you to ‘gain’ weight even though you ate less than what your caloric intake should be. This causes massive frustrations on your side as you never really know what’s right and what’s wrong while approaching your weight scale.

Although your weight should drop in a longer time period provided you really do eat less than what your caloric intake should be, it’s very hard to stay motivated when you fluctuate so much.

Imagine starving the entire night only to find out the horror of having gained weight the next day. That’s the point we’re trying to make and that’s why you should simply ditch the weight scale.

    If you really do have to weigh yourself, do it once a month, that should minimize the aforementioned effects of water retention in our body during some days of the week.

4) You Can Eat Chocolate – But It Has To Be Chocolate

     If by chocolate, you imagine cakes full of sugar and fat, than you’ve got the wrong perception of what chocolate really is. Traditional chocolate sold in supermarkets oftentimes contains more sugar than chocolate in it and that’s a bad thing, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. Sugar is the devil when it comes to weight loss, because it acts on the same receptors in the brain as cocaine – Once you have a taste of it, you want more and more and more…

    The problem is, even when you stop eating sugar, you experience withdrawals which makes you more likely to opt for another snack and so the cycle continues.

Instead of ditching sweets altogether (something we could never imagine), replace them with healthy items that don’t contain sugar and that are beneficial to your body, such as dark chocolate.

5) Drink A Glass Of Water Before And After Your Meals

     You would be surprised at just how many times we’re actually thirsty instead of hungry, but because our body has a hard time differentiating between those two (in part because we damage the sensory system with sugary beverages), it always helps to have a glass of water before each of our meals.

The reason is simple: It will make you eat a lot less food as you will be fuller from the start.

The same goes for water after the meal; It will help you feel sated and will prevent you from gorging on otherwise unhealthy food after your main meal.

      That would be it for our top five tips, we hope that you’ve learned something new and that you’ll be able to apply these tips during your diet. We can’t wait to hear about your awesome results by following these tips. Until next time and happy dieting!