Managing You During the Corona Crisis

These are unprecedented times. As human beings our brain does not deal with ambiguity well. But in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, we find ourselves in a continuous state of uncertainty while digging for answers, speculating as to what’s next and struggling with contradiction and sensationalized information.

Here are a two  suggestions of what you can do to feel more empowered during corona crisis:

Acknowledge that action crushes anxiety

Without a clear path, our thoughts shoot all around our minds, moving at the speed of light. This causes us not even being able to keep up with the last thought. It’s not productive, and worse, it creates in us more anxiety. The fact is you may not know the specific action to take for your job. Direction may not be forthcoming from your employer, however you should do something. Clarity comes through action and one step forward may be just what is needed to reveal the next step. Identify the source of your fear and deal with it. For example, if your paycheck is disappearing, identify federal, state and local benefits that may have been implemented to mitigate the fall out that this crisis would have caused.

Further, contact your bank,  landlord, electric company, and other utilities to see what exceptions they might be able to make. Everyone is trying to figure out how to navigate this novel situation and employers, companies, families and individuals are all stepping up everyday. Therefore, do not be deterred, propose varying options and see what is possible. This position action will certainly crush, squeeze or flatten your anxiety.

Hone your superpowers

As intelligent human beings we all have special strengths. These strengths include; remaining calm under pressure, interesting technology skills and incredible creativity. Not to be forgotten, our skill to make others laugh, the ability to critically analyse a plan and iron out any foreseeable issues. Our ability to demonstrate our extreme resourcefulness and we can also be deeply compassionate. When we face challenging situations such as these we are forced to appreciate that each of us possesses more inner strength than we realize. It is very easy to forget because thankfully, we are not required to face these difficult conditions too often. We have been through things like this before. Some of us can vividly remember what it was like to live through that national disaster which we know today as 9/11. Although it was on a national level that too affected the entire world.

Now is the time for us to step up to this challenge. Let your boss see a side of you that he or she has not had the chance to see. Be a role model for your colleagues by means of your example, leadership, ideas and commitment. Provide that source of reassurance when others on your team begin to get down. Go the extra mile to help a fellow worker who is ill or caring for loved ones. You may also want to donate some money to a needed cause if your salary has not taken a hit.

The medical professionals in your community can also be encouraged by your kind words and practical assistance as they continue to take care of us from the front lines.  We can all be “Captain America” by employing our special talents aka superpowers. Be observant, take the initiative — there is something you can  do to  cause a positive impact even now.