Swap Burning Out
for a Fire Within


Nick Gaines

Are you tired of living a hamster-wheel life?  
Are you tired of feeling burnt out all the time?
Are you ready to make positive, lasting changes? 
Are you ready to begin achieving your goals and making your dreams come true?

If you answered YES to the above questions, then this is the right place for you! I understand how paralyizing change can be, but with my help, YOU will be empowered to make the changes needed to transform your life. 

My name is Nick and my passion is helping people reach their fullest potential both personally and professionally, through healing, transformative work. I can help you turn your life around with new patterns of thoughts, decisions, and intentions. I have a genuine love for people and want to help people on their journeys to their very best selves. My mission is to help you be successful, happy and in control of your destination.

How may I help you?

I offer 3 pathways of coaching to help you find balance, success, and happiness in your life.


Career and Financial

Career Goals and Promotions
Career Changes
Money Management
Spending Issues


Family and Relationships

Parental Relationships
Sibling Relationships
Dating Issues
Spousal Relationships


Health and Wellness

Dieting Issues
Stress Management
Mental Health

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